Friday, 28 September 2012



Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Office

Today I want to share my favourite vintage dress which I discovered hanging on a rail at a swishing event in central London. I was attracted to the dress for it’s amazing colour, red is my favourite statement colour to wear and with the large gold buttons running down the centre it adds that extra bit of glamour which we all need in our lives. 
I did have the dress slightly taken in at the sides to achieve the perfect fit which is something that I do with most of my vintage finds. A friend of mine did the alteration in minutes, but this can also be done quickly and cheaply at a lot of dry cleaners, or you may find a little alterations shop along your local high street doing alterations starting around a few pounds ;-)
The reason behind the name for the outfit ‘Leaving on a jet plane’ is due to the fact that one of my besties called me an air hostess as soon as I put it on! I took the comment as a total complement because cabin crew are always on point with their grooming and although some of the airlines provide some intense uniforms:-/ You have to admit that a group of girls walking through the airport in brightly coloured uniforms are always a complete head turner! #StayStyled2



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