Wednesday, 19 December 2012


 So I have just received all the snaps back from Kiss My Fashion Ass the Christmas special and I'll kick start it with my outfit;)

Think I might end up living in this Tee I love it that much!

 T-Shirt: TopShop 

Skirt: Bricklane (Altered to fit my #FashAss)

Necklace: From My PopUpShop 

Shoes: TopShop 

Socks: Primark

So here goes.. let me fill you in! As a fashion ass Christmas treat I had some amazing offers happening on my pop up shop. My clutch bags were flying out left right and centre and I loved itttttttttttt!

NaomiB clutch bag, with jewellery attached + Shea'd nail art = total #FashAss

I blinked and then they were gone!

After all the clutch bag drama @ my PopUpShop, people moved their Fashion Asses over to Shea'd beauty to get their Christmas nails!

Shea'd brought along her exclusive own nail designs for everyone to choose from #FashAss

After the clutch bag mania and nail grooming it was time for everyone to take a break, have a glass of wine and grab a well deserved cupcake from Bella Miko cakes.

Carrot cake was the total winner for me!

After a sweet break it was time to get back into the Kiss My Fashion Ass vibe and get groomed over at 'Pampered' with some serious brow shaping, eyelash extensions and piercings.. woop woop!

This Fashion Ass was loving the £5 off deal on the eyebrow threading & tinting combo! looking good girllllll!

How excited was I to be at my own event when Arario showed up to showcase an amazing selection of all things vintage from her bricklane stall. Vintage was a total hit with all the Fashion Asses that attended!

Again it was a total success and I want to say a massive thankuuuuuuuuuuu to everyone that came along. It was absolutely freezing outside but friends of friends of more friends put on their warmest fashion ass clobber and came along to the Florence Pub in Islington to get involved in Fashion, beauty and general chit chat about things of the moment;)

Full pictures of the fabulous people that attended Kiss My Fashion Ass is all on my Facebook page so like away (Kiss My Fashion Ass). 

If you feel you may have missed out on this whole Fashion Ass vibe don't worry your stylish little self because I have lots more in store for you all in 2013. The bigger and badder Fashion Ass force will be back in February so I'll see you all then! #FashAss #FashAss #FashAss #FashAss #FashAss #FashAss

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  1. I love your 'Sick' tshirt:D