Friday, 3 May 2013


Last night it was all about the Carnaby 20% shopping party, but before I go into the whole vibe let me start with sharing my outfit:

Coat: French Connection 

Dress: Designer boutique on Brick Lane 

Boots: Office 

Necklace: Gold (Vintage)

Shades: Chanel

Shoppers out in full force!


Carnaby Street as we all know is full of some of our high street fav's, independent boutiques and the must go make-up counters. The majority of the stores (which equals hundreds might I add) were offering a 20% discount, so if you weren't there last night I'm not really sure why!

To make it a total summer party Kopparberg where throwing out free cider, DJ's where mixing all over the joint, model scouts where out looking for a new face or two and goody bags were up for grabs.

Free drinks Y'all

 The queue for MAC was just totally ridic, I'm sure they may have sold out last night!

 I also sat in on a interesting 30 minutes talk with Anthony Gordon from Premiere and Katherine Ormerod, senior Fashion News and Features Editor at Grazia to listen about all things fabulous. It was great to hear what Anthony had to say about his career as a model scout and he gave an interesting insight into what it takes to become a super model in a tough industry. After listening to his wealth of experience and top tips on becoming a model scout or a model, it was great to hear that the highlight of his career was scouting girls that had been teased at school for being tall and strange looking, to then see them on a cover of a magazine making thousands. 

Katherine Ormerod also gave a talk armed with examples and top tips on how to wear this season's hot trend, the metallic! Twisting the usual silver and gold to add more colour to the theme. We are all aware about the whole neon vibe that's been popping around and it appears to be holding on for our whole summer season! So we might as well embrace it... and Keep it going with our neon beanies and electric t-shirts. Katherine explained that this spring/summer is all about chilling with the look being relaxed yet fresh. Exchanging the super fitted bodycon's for more relaxed tailoring, loose jeans and simple t-shirts with a plad shirt for when the summer evenings draw to a close. 

On the make up front the vibe is light and natural, with a soft look for your hair pushing away the super straightened look and embracing the tussle. All though we want to be sporting lots of colour and prints the Monochrome trend is still alive and kicking and more importantly...timeless. Whether it's checked or stripped it's massive this season and totally chic. 

The tip that stood out the most was that we should all be looking to invest in a over sized patterned or brightly coloured scarf. The summer in London is not exactly Mediterranean temperatures and our crisp air always finds it's way home, so I'm sure we'll get plenty of use out of a fabulous accessory to wrap around us!

 And finally, the 90's trend is coming back at us in full force so looks like we need to start digging through our old school outfits, washing the dungarees and adding a bit of TLC to those outfits Y'all.

All in all it was a totally fashionable evening, but to top it all off the Grazia Style hunter team approached me and I was 'spotted'. I was swinging my bags and chatting to my bestie's along Carnaby street and before I knew it they were snapping a picture of my outfit and I won a goody bag courtesy of Grazia!

Rolling stones canvas bag filled with all my goodies. 

Looks like this weekend I'll be applying my new NATIO AGELESS HYDRATING FACE MASK, moisturising my hands with the luxury CRABTREE & EVELYNE HAND CREAM and manicuring my nails with IMPRESS leopard print nails. 

Doing my eye make up with  A LA CARTE MASCRA, VOLTURI EYE SHADOW and PIXI BY PETRA LID & LINE then spraying myself all over with  A LA DIDPOSITION FRAGRANCE.... After such a busy pampering session I will have to hydrate myself with the quirky, stylish, MARC JACOBS DIET COKE, eat my  SOUR CREAM POPCHIPS and NATURAL BAR then off out with my DROP DEAD CLOTHING SOCKS! Thank you Grazia!

Kiss My Fashion Ass :p

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