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This week MY DAY WITH, was spent at the Sinclair London studio! I was totally excited when Alycia Sinclair invited my Fashion Ass over to spend the day talking about all things fabulous. Not only is she lucky enough to have her own studio to work in equip with a pattern cutting table, Mannequins and sewing machines but the bonus is she can fall out of bed each morning and get straight to work because the studio is at home! 

 Currently working on a bespoke ladies suit with waistcoat for a new client. 


Alycia is a busy young lady, you will find her making bespoke pieces for clients, doing endless amounts of alterations for a number of bridal boutiques but she also finds the time to work on her own collection, Sinclair London! 

At 16 Alicya was more than ready to leave school and just wanted to get out in the big wide world and learn about the fashion industry. After getting through her A Levels, she decided that spending years at University just wasn't an option and she was keen to start her career as soon as possible (go girl)! From a young age everyone could see Alicya's natural talent for designing so it was no surprise when she was selected to enrol on a unique and intensive course with 5 other people at Maurice Sedwell on London prestigious Savile Row.

After getting her Diploma and learning everything she needed to know about tailoring and constructing a garment from scratch, Alicya went onto do a number of amazing internships but her favourite will always be the time spent at Oswald Boateng because she was given the opportunity to travel and take part in preparations for large fashion shows. I love a bit of gossip so I had to find out if Alicya had any big names to drop and when she told me that doing the alteration on Kelly Rowland's corset is one of her biggest achievements so far I was totally impressed.

I thought it was only right to keep this Sinclair London hat on for the rest of the day!

Whilst I was hanging out in the studio, I did have to remember that it was a working day for Alycia and she did have important deadlines to meet, so I left her to it for an hour or so and decided to occupy my myself by picking out my favourite Sinclair London pieces to share with Y'all.   

This is totally my fav, I nearly dropped dead with excitement when I spotted this red collar blazer 

Ladies oversized Flannel Blazer

Sinclair London's full collection launches in 2014 so for Alicya that means sketching, endless boards of inspiration, pattern cutting, toile fittings, fabric selections and much, much more! 

Patterns and bespoke bag samples for the brand

  I did spend the whole day hinting at how amazing the blazer with the red collar is, so to shut me up Alicya stripped me down and took my measurements and I will now be the proud owner of my own bespoke Sinclair London blazer (the fact that she's one of my best friends totally had nothing to do with it at all;) 

Mrs Sinclair London's achievements and determination so far is totally inspiring and I will be keeping you updated with all the future events surrounding the brand. If you would like to contact Alicya regarding her bespoke services, future collection or just find out a bit more about the course she studied or internships you can contact her directly anytime:

Sinclair London Limited


Kiss My Fashion Ass :p


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  2. Glad you enjoyed it! I've got some more great posts lined up on young new designers which I can't wait to share:)

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